Emergency Led Kit

LED Emergency Kit for Internal and External Driver.

Spirit series

  • Kit SE LED
    Ext. Driver
  • Kit SE LED
    Int. Driver
  • Kit SE for
Product Specification
    • Types
      Different models designed for internal driver , external driver and fluorescence systems
    • Autonomy
      from 1 to 4 hours
    • Load
      All kit must be loaded with their lamps for a minimum of 24 hours.
    • Color housing
      White and Black
    • Power factor

    • Types of batteries
      the kit use nickel cadmium batteries and lithium batteries
    • Lifetime
      50.000 hrs
    • Protection class
    • Types of lamps
      Led GU10, Led Tubes, Led AR111, Downlight, Led Panels, and any fluorescent lamp
    • Applications
      Office, indoor sport ground, escape areas, general lighting

Internal Driver
Code (Lamps) (Autonomy) (Lum Flux) Battery Battery size (weight)
LUX-EBM-LEDPL Led GU10-Led Tube 1,5Hrs to 2Hrs 10 to 90 % Li-ion 3,7V 2,2Ah Inside equipt 250grs
External Driver
Code (Lamps) (Autonomy) (Lum Flux) Battery Use (weight)
LUX-EBM-LEDSL Led 10W to 60W 1,5Hrs to 3Hrs 10 to 30 % Li-ion 3,7V 2,2Ah For External Driver 250grs
For Fluorescent
Code (Lamps) (Autonomy) (Lum Flux) Battery Use (weight)
LUX-EBM-FL80 T8-T5 1,5Hrs to 2,5Hrs 8 to 10 % Li-ion 3,7V 2,5Ah Fluorescent systems 250grs

Drawings and dimensions
  1. Emergency KitDownload PDF (488 KB)