Cortem – Explosion proof

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Cortem Group, formed by the brands Cortem, Elfit and Fondisonzo, is one of the most competitive companies of Minning, Oil & Gas.  Since 1968, Cortem S.p.A. has been designing and manufacturing explosion-protected electrical equipment addressed to hazardous areas, meeting on-shore and off-shore applications.

Here you will find a wide range of Equipment for special requirements with Anti-Explosive protection.

LED Lighting Fixtures   Lighting Fixtures   Junction Boxes

LED Lighting Fixtures                 Lighting Fixtures                         Junction Boxes

Control Equipment   Electrical Fittings   Cable Glands

Control Equipment                    Electrical Fittings                         Cable Glands

Plugs and Sockets   Signalling equipment   Weather Proof Series

Plugs and Sockets                      Signalling equipment                 Weather Proof Series

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